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Registrations are now open. You need an account to register.

U6 – U7 Mixed teams                                                                $150 plus insurance

U8 – U12 Mixed, Boys teams & Girls teams                       $300 plus insurance

U13 – U18 Girls                                                                             $300 plus insurance

U13 – U18 Boys                                                                             $300 plus insurance

Seniors                                                                                             $350 plus insurance

Fees inclusive of:

  • Training Tee
  • Game Shorts
  • Game Socks
  • Polo (U13-A Grade)
  • Gold Coast Rugby League District registration fees and levies
  • Referee Fees
  • First Aid Levy
  • Gold Coast City Council Field Right of Use Levy
  • Game Day Operational Costs
  • Trophies & Presentation Day

All Payments are to be made online through MySideline.

FairPlay vouchers ($150 per eligible child) can be used.

Apply here.

  1. Once you have your FairPlay voucher please email it through to [email protected]
  2. Receive $150 discount code from [email protected]
  3. Follow standard registration process, use email code at the end.

Registration inquiries please contact:

U6 – U9 Mixed Teams
Stacey Mete
[email protected]

U10 – U16 Mixed & Boys Teams
Chantelle Warren-Smith
[email protected]

U18 – A Grade
Clint Isemonger
[email protected]

Girls Teams 
Karen Bayliss
[email protected]

  1. If you were registered with the Currumbin Eagles in previous seasons and have never transferred to another club since you may re-register online by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button.
  2. Please ensure photo is current.
  3. Upload current photo if not.
  4. The photo must be a headshot similar to a passport or school photo.
  1. If you have never previously registered to play rugby league at any club you will need to complete the registration process by clicking on the REGISTER NOW button.
  2. Upload your Photo (headshot) and a copy of your Birth Certificate (or Passport) for verification purposes.
  3. If you are unable to do this you can still continue with the process but will not be fully registered until this is provided to the Club or uploaded.
  4. Please contact the appropriate Club Registrar if you wish to provide a hard copy of the Birth Certificate or Passport.
  1. If you wish to transfer from another rugby league club you will need to request a clearance and have it approved prior to registering with Currumbin Eagles.
  2. To initiate the transfer process please send an email to [email protected] requesting your child’s transfer to Currumbin Eagles.
  3. Please include:
    • child’s full name
    • date of birth
    • name of the club you are transferring from

The 18MRP provides an opportunity for players who are born between July and December to register in the year level immediately below their calendar grouping.

In allowing this Rugby League is seeking to promote ongoing participation and personal development from players who may feel overly challenged in their calendar group.

This initiative specifically targets children who may be new to the game late developers or lack confidence.

Those families who feel their child will benefit by playing under this policy, you will have the opportunity to apply with acceptance based on set criteria.

This provision has not been introduced to provide an opportunity for a player to apply under this policy and dominate in an age group or division.